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Special for door production in our Composite Profile Production Facility; quality, water resistant, cost effective, retractable and paintable door components are produced. In our production facility, alternative products are offered in a wide range of products for our customers who want to supply only door components thanks to the molds in various sizes and models. With the frame, moldings, composite boom, glass lath, composite leaf edge, leaf upper lath profiles, we produce in accordance with industry standards.



In our Wooden Composite Profile Production Facility, door frame profiles are produced in accordance with different wall sizes. Wooden Composite Door Frame Profiles have a standard 36 mm height and a width ranging from 70 to 240 mm. Since the cross-section thickness of our product is 4.4 mm and the profile internal structure is divided into chambers, it is resistant to impacts. Since the frame profiles are produced by extrusion method, there is no limitation regarding the frame length. Door frame profile of desired length can be produced. Raw profiles can be coated in the desired color and pattern in our production facility. Our raw profiles; Surface resistance, which is one of the important factors in coating (lamination) process, is lower than plastic profiles. For this reason, our adhesion quality is above the standards.



Wooden Composite Door Moldings are manufactured by combining pvc raw material, wood chips and additives in the extrusion system. After production, moldings are coated in the desired color and pattern in lamination machines. There is no restriction on the length of the molding. Moldings of desired length can be produced. The transition nails of our moldings to the frames are gradual. In this way, since silicone and similar adhesives are not required during assembly, it provides cost and speed advantage for the applicator. The sectional thickness of the rib profile is 4.4 mm. This thickness makes our moldings more durable compared to their counterparts. As the moldings are mobile, they cover curvature and defects on the walls and tolerate measurement problems. Molding surfaces are suitable for hare operation


Especially preferred in hotel projects, fire-resistant doors can be applied in ERDOOR’s ER100 series model. All components of ERDOOR FIRE RESISTANT doors such as binoculars, guillotines, hinges, external closers, locks, smoke wicks, interior fillers, door surfaces, tree serens and door seals, which provide life safety in fire, are produced from fire resistant materials.

ERDOOR FIRE RESISTANT DOORS that have successfully passed the Türkak Fire Safety Test are absolutely fire proof for 30 minutes. Thanks to the smoke wicks on the door, there is no smoke leakage out of the fire area.